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Welcome to Magnolia,
South Carolina.
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All essential reading regarding the plot, rules, and other in-depth information are located here. Please be sure to read everything thoroughly, and any further inquiries may be directed towards a staff member.
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Beginner's Guide
posted by Rex
Jan 14 2017, 02:08 PM
Pertinent news such as activity checks, rule changes, or site events will be formally announced in this forum. Don't forget to check back regularly and keep yourself up to date as any changes could directly affect you or your characters.
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spring posting contest
posted by Steven O. Mcdonagh
Yesterday at 02:34 pm
This forum exists as a collection of site-wide resources and to cater to all member-related needs. Questions, suggestions, and requests regarding face claims, graphics, or thread moderation will be addressed here as promptly as we are able. Guest friendly.
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Open Thread Directory
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Apr 12 2018, 05:02 PM
Here, you can participate in games or informal, out-of-character chatter. Out of courtesy, don't forget to post an absence notice to alert staff and fellow members of any expected lulls in activity.
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posted by Miles S. Glasscote
Yesterday at 05:27 pm

Following the guidelines provided alongside the template, applications should be posted in the appropriate subforum. Incomplete applications may be bumped once completed, at which point they'll be moved for sorting. We guarantee the reviewing process should take no more than twenty-four hours.
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Willow, Lillith A.
posted by Lillith A. Willow
Yesterday at 07:52 pm
All site-related claims are located here. Before applying, we encourage a quick glance over to make sure nothing, especially your face claim, is not already reserved or spoken for. Once accepted, please post in the appropriate threads as we heavily rely on our members to keep our lists updated.
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Member Directory
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Upon acceptance, the plotting can begin. This forum is strictly for expanding on inter-characters relationships, creating preexisting dynamics, or musing on future possibilities. Please be mindful to post replies in the other person's plotter.
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Yesterday at 11:35 pm

Oftentimes large scale plots require additional characters, whether that be family members, friends, lovers, or enemies, and you're welcome to advertise any such requests here. We only ask you bump topics once a week max. Guest friendly.
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The Deceased Charm of the B...
posted by Lillith A. Willow
Yesterday at 11:03 am
Once you request a development forum, you'll be alloted your own space to organize as you choose. All manner of extraneous content is welcome, from trackers to playlists to inspirational images and poetry.
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posted by Rhea G. Noble
Yesterday at 07:07 pm
As Crowned with Teeth is set in the modern era, avenues for communication are varied and plenty. Texting, skyping, instant messaging, as well social media platforms play a role in how people interact on a daily basis, and it should all be routed through this forum.
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i ain't afraid of no gh...
posted by Kim Kim
Yesterday at 10:00 pm
To create a full, fleshed out world, discussion is always necessary. We welcome all manner of contributions when it comes to expanding and enriching our little fictional town and its lore.
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The "Good" Old Days
posted by Rhea G. Noble
Apr 5 2018, 01:35 PM

The Heights are where the wealthiest of Magnolia's residents dwell as well as its higher-end establishments. The roads are wide. The properties, too, are spacious, nestled between pockets of forested land that extend well past the town's limits. The oldest residences, gothic in architecture, stand as the last remaining vestiges of history, legacies passed down from Magnolia's very founding.
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if you believe, i believe
posted by Archer H. Flockton III
Yesterday at 07:21 pm
Old Town lies at the heart of Magnolia, both geographically and culturally. All local government buildings including City Hall and the post office are centrally located. Main Street is also home to many colorful storefronts and eateries to accommodate university Students living in the area.
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posted by Shanon J. Massey
Yesterday at 10:51 pm
Heatherfield is suburban valhalla. Streets are riddled with stop signs and speed bumps to ensure the safety of the children, the best daycares and schools are just a brisk walk or bike ride away and it's home to Highland Park, the ideal place for family picnics and romantic evening strolls.
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The Red Sun in a Glass [cw]
posted by Reilly K. Tsunade
Yesterday at 11:56 pm
Liberty Point is an eclectic and up-and-coming neighborhood in Magnolia. Cute new cafes, hip restaurants and pop-up stores crop up like wildflowers. It's a hub of young people with creative ideas and open minds where empty and desolate warehouses are transformed into habitable and chic apartments and condos.
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Last Act
posted by Reilly K. Tsunade
Yesterday at 01:53 am
Little Fortune is a place of broken down old factories, abandoned from an era of industrialization. It's home to concrete trailer parks and modular homes, single and double wides that are often filled beyond capacity. It's where the sun beats down mercilessly against the backdrop of rusted carousel horses.
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frogs singing
posted by Mabel J. Brighton
Yesterday at 07:53 pm
To the west of Magnolia is untouched territory. Past a stretch of old farmlands and abandoned barn houses, there lay miles of forest and overgrowth. The stories speak of terrible happenings, old wives' tales to warn away children, but the locals know better than to wander into the unknown and tempt fate.
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won't even know i'm...
posted by Helene S. Slaughter-Mallory
Today at 12:59 am

Time in relation to magic is unknowable, messily constructed. There's no neat or proper beginning, middle, or end. If you wish to peruse the past or future, this is your gateway, but don't forget to tag your threads appropriately in brackets.
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former calamities [2012]
posted by Miles S. Glasscote
Yesterday at 09:22 pm
The physical world is difficult to manipulate; it's not a dream-place that will so easily bend to the dreamer's will. There are fixed points with names and designated landmarks, and if you ever find yourself lost, there are maps conveniently located at the nearest rest stop. This is the proverbial elsewhere forum.
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hard feelings
posted by Layla R. Miller
Apr 15 2018, 10:56 PM
The fade exists through the veil, the thin, oftentimes nonexistent threshold between here and there. It's a place of gods and magic and dreams, and while its workings are strange and unfamiliar, there are rules. You may allocate all threads concerning the dreamscape here.
6 topics 0 replies
posted by Ruby C. Wyndham
Apr 15 2018, 10:56 PM
Beyond the veil, beyond dreams, beyond the stars and life itself are all kinds of parallel universes. Anything that can happen, will happen. You may hold any non-canon threads here.
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dark or dusker
posted by Cody T. Awhina
Apr 18 2018, 02:01 AM

Please post advertisements in the corresponding subforum. Guest friendly.
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posted by ray
Yesterday at 05:33 pm
All outdated, inactive, or archived content will be moved to this forum for convenience. Please post in the appropriate moderation thread if you wish to retrieve a thread or reactivate a character.

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Apr 22 2018, 11:43 PM

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